Wedding Polhawn Fort

I recently had the privilege of photographing Mark & Philipa’s wedding Polhawn Fort in Cornwall. A Napoleonic fort set in the hillside over looking Whitsand bay in Cornwall Polshawn Fort really is a fantastic wedding venue.

I arrived the night before the wedding at around 11pm after a grim journey on the M5. The wedding party when I arrive were in full room dressing mode and had been hard at work through most of the day. However the welcome given to me was lovely, so I knew I was in for a great weeding day shoot the following day.

My first night in a fort was a very comfortable and I didn’t see any evidence of the fort ghost…. The days activities had already begun by the time I had risen from my slumber after a great nights sleep and the luxury of not having children jumping on at 6am. It quickly became evident that Philipa had put an awful lot of very hard work into the small details of the wedding, so I felt it only right and proper to start documenting things earlier than I normally would.

The day progressed perfectly and I was lucky enough to work along side Ali & Paul a great video team who were very easy to work and share a chat over dinner. For me the highlight of the day was the hike down to Whitsand bay and a group shot of the bridal party. The tide was lapping around our feet but it didn’t deter us from getting the shots.

If you are planning a wedding Polhawn Fort is wonderful, you won’t be disappointed. The location is spectacular and from what I could see the staff at Polhawn Fort were happy for you to take over the place and do what you will. With in reason of course!

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