All of the wedding albums purchased by my clients are designed in house, using the most up to date design software. It’s important that the images you choose from the wedding day photo collection, tell your perfect story. It’s very emotive choosing the right images to go into a wedding album, as the balance of images needs to be thought through. A wedding album needs to stand the test of time, no gimmicks or whacky poses, because in years to come when the album comes out, you really don’t want to be cringing at your photos.

Of course the wedding narrative is a fairly simple one, but it’s still important to tell a great story with your wedding album. So it’s crucial that you spread your image selection over the course of the day and not lean to heavy on one particular part of the day. Ultimately a wedding day is punctuated into different time slots. The getting ready, the ceremony, ceremony exit, drinks party, the fine art photo session, the wedding breakfast, the speeches, cutting of the cake and the 1st dance. If you can select your images based around this formula, then you won’t go far wrong and will put together a fabulous story album.

The selection & Design Process

It’s always best if we can choose your images together at my studio, as I can really help with this process. Depending on the size of album and the number of spreads you are having in your album, will ultimately depend on how many images go into your album. Working on the assumption of a 30 spread (60 page) album, I would recommend a picture count in the region of 150 images. The world out to be approx 2.5 images per page or 5 per spread. Some images warrant their own page and some images look great as part of a multi collage.

Once you have selected your images I like to have a 1st draft design done within 2-4 weeks of your selection. I use a wonderful viewing platform called Album Exposure which will allow you to view your wedding album design and above all make comments about that particular draft.

When will I get my album?

Once you have approved the design of your album I then send it off to my album printers. Depending on which album you have ordered and the printers used, will depend on how long the album takes to be dispatched to you. This process can take anytime between 6-8 weeks and sometimes a little longer during very busy periods.