I’m often asked by potential wedding clients “do you edit your photos’? The answer is an unequivocal  yes! All of my wedding images are edited to very high specifications including colour balance, tonal range, exposure balance to name but a few processes your images will go through. The image below of Louisa, who was one of my summer brides, is a great example of my editing process. The shot of Lou has been lit by two external lights and I was happy with the result I saw on the rear of the camera, which was pretty close to the top image below. I knew that I had enough image details in the shadows for me to pull out in post production. I also know that the slightly cold look tot the picture could be warmed up in edit.

There was also a lot of dust from the camera sensor to clean up in the image. I always clean my sensors prior to any shoot, but a few lens changes down the line and you can almost be assure that dust will get in on the image somewhere. The light burst over Lou’s right shoulder has been removed and the final image has had the tonal range increased to allow much more details in the shadows. The resulting images is a vast improvement on what came straight from the camera.

For each of my weddings I allow between 25 – 30 hours to edit your wedding images and this length of work is included in your wedding fee. You can expect to see a variety of colour, black & white and muted colours in your final wedding edit. Images may of course be turned from colour to black&white and visa versa, depending on your preference.

Photo editing

Before & After