International Society of Professional Wedding Photographers (ISPWP)

The ISPWP is really one of the top bench marks in world wedding photography. It’s a bit like being in the Champions League but on a global basis. The organisation doesn’t take just any old wedding photographer, you really do have to earn your photo stripes. In a day and age where the wedding industry is saturated with so called professional photographers! The ISPWP allows the wheat to rise from the chaff in the wedding photographers market. Entry acceptance is tough and successful applicants will have had to fulfilled a number of criteria, in order to call themselves worthy of being world class. Here are some of the criteria needed:

The ISPWP is a community of the world’s best, most experienced, and most talented wedding photographers. Below you will find the ISPWP membership requirements, the benefits of membership, and a link to the application form.

ISPWP Membership Application

The application process helps to ensure that ISPWP members meet the requirements for experience, talent, integrity, and professionalism. Each application is carefully reviewed by the Membership Approval Team which is made up of current ISPWP members. They evaluate each applicant on the following criteria:


Applicants must have photographed a minimum of 50 weddings as the primary in-charge photographer. Weddings shot as a tag-along, second, or backup photographer do not count. This is the minimum experience requirement, many ISPWP members have shot hundreds of weddings with decades of experience. Some of our members are Pulitzer prize finalists and winners.


Applicants must submit their website and wedding galleries for review and evaluation. The online galleries must demonstrate artistic and technical ability. The portfolio must include a minimum of three galleries depicting coverage of three separate weddings. This allows the Membership Approval Team to evaluate how the applicant shots a wedding from beginning to end. If the submitted galleries show only selected favorites from a variety of multiple weddings, or if they are limited to creative bridal portraits with no other wedding coverage, the application will be rejected.


Applicants must have no outstanding complaints with consumer protection organizations such as the Better Business Bureau.


Applicants must agree to operate in accordance with the ISPWP Code of Conduct. The standards of practice in the Code of Conduct protect both the photographer and the client, and provides assurance to the client they are dealing with an ethical professional business with highest of standards.


Applicants must be sponsored by an existing ISPWP member, or they must submit two client references and two wedding photographer references. This provides evidence as to their professionalism, reputation, and experience.